Spring !

桜a photo from 2009

Now in Japan, it is the season of cherry blossom. I remember when I returned to Japan in 2009, there were cherry blossoming trees throughout the city. I miss it a little. But fortunately there is a lot of flowers in the park near my home. I might enjoy this spring !


This month too , there was a lot of meetings! First of all, I was a background actor in a movie around Val d’Europe. Of course, the role was a Japanese tourists. Hahaha ! It’s very funny and I like to play Japanese tourists. I could feel the image of Japanese over the world: a camera, and some expressions like “Kawaii – ! ” ( Cute) , ” Arigato ” ( Thank you ) , ” Sugoi – ! ” (Super) . I’d like to take the time to observe Japanese tourists one day. I think there is a lot of interesting things I could discover from them !

Another thing I like about this job is the occasion to meet other Japanese people. Right now I have much more French friends than Japanese, so I ‘ve always enjoyed this kind of occasion. Besides, this time we were only 5 extras, so we had time to get to know each other. It was great ! And of course I could also learn things about the movie at the same time . This is good too.


We played the show “The Blue Bird” at Les Herbiers. It is not very far from here, and near the historic park of Puy du Fou, which is very famous in France. The taxi driver told us many stories about this park. It made me want to go there one day. I especially like to see the biggest show in the world!


I found a photo of the show on the Internet, were they spoke about 1200 actors! Wow! It’s only the weekend from June to September. I don’t know if I can go this year, but I would like to go there to see the historical show. I like the idea of having this fun and learning history at the same time!


Unfortunately, I did not have time to visit the large park, but I walked a little in the town of Les Herbiers. I found that the city was very nice and the people very friendly! And the restaurants were good too! I stayed only two days, but I experienced everything I could!


The theater was also very beautiful! It was the last performance of “The Blue Bird” for the 2014 season in France. I played with a lot of love and gratefulness in this last show! I hope we can continue to play this show the next season!


But it’s not finished! We will start a tour in Korea with this show! This is the first time I’ll be in South Korea. It will be a great experience. I am excited to begin this adventure! I hope we can also play in Japan one day … This is my dream ^ ^ (The tour program in Korea)

2014 - 1

In mid-April, I participate to a shooting session of the movie “The Prince and 108 demons” (more about the movie here). I saw a teaser of this film. It was great! It made me want to see the real movie! It will take time to get it out. But the staff worked a lot and very well on it. It will be a good and beautiful film. I’m looking forward to watch it!

mPhoto from Gilles Dantzer

I also attended a mime event “Mim’provisation“. I always love to participate to this event, because I discover a world of possibilities with mime every time. There is fun to play, to search, and the public can also enjoy and participate in this research. I hope I can go many times!


I work as a replacement for the puppet and dance show “Pensée de Sel” with the company Herve-Gil. I really wanted to do this show so I could learn more about puppets. I try to train by myself before the repetitions, because I’m afraid of not being good enough.


When the repetition began, it was great! I was provided with advices from two great puppeteers, and learned many things from them. I had a great experience. I also found a goal: I’ll try to develop more about puppets. But first I need to make my own puppet.


At the end of the month, I worked with the company Tehwoola on a performance in the Musée des Arts Forains. The company is like a circus family. I worked with them quite a few times last year for the Christmas season, and learned stilts with them. Those are good memories…

This time, I presented two small mime show during the performance. It went well. There was a lot of beautiful things in this show. Thank you again! I had fun working!

After this… The tour in Korea will begin! Go Go Hanako!

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