Company Ensemble Oneiroï

The running time for the show : 60 min


Genre : Musique baroque, Théâtre baroque
Mise en scène : Hanako Danjo et Sophie Pavillard
Lumières: Michaël Bouey
Costumes: Blanche Lorentz et Justine Dumotier

Artistes interprètes :
Flûte à bec et viole de gambe : Valentine Lorentz
Viole de gambe : Mélusine de Pas
Clavecin : Myrrha Principiano
Comédienne : Léna Rondé

Création en novembre 2014 au Centre Culturel Pablo Picasso d’Homécourt 


At the heart of the show, as always with the projects of Ensemble Oneiroï, Baroque music. A vaste repertoire inspired by the famous Metamorphoses of Ovid, a long mythological poem composed of 250 intertwined legends, telling the story of the world since its inception.

We dived into this miraculous spring, and came out with the idea of this show, mainly based on the story of four women or goddess: Daphné, Arachné, Myrrha, Vénus. Everyone’s destiny differs: one runs to keep her freedom, the other sees her pride tarnished, another endures the law of desire, and the last the loss of her love. All four give birth – through the Metamorphoses – to new vegetal or animal species. Above them float the presence of Jupiter, tireless romantic and perfect lover, able to take the most daring shape to appeal to the desired ones.

Text and music intertwine tightly to tell those strange and wonderful stories. At the light of baroque music, Ovid’s mythes reach us in all their mysteries and beauty.

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