The Blue Bird

Collectif Quatre Ailes
The running time for the show : 60 min

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Text, direction and set design : MICHAËL DUSAUTOY
Stage assistant : MARIE-THEREZ LORENZ
Drawings and 2D & 3D animations : QUANG’Y and LUDOVIC LAURENT
Lights and general state control : ANNE-MARIE GUERRERO
Original music : S’ PETIT NICO
Hair and make-up : NATHY POLAK

With : Julie André or Flore VialetClaire CorlierJean-Charles Delaume, Hanako Danjo or Maud Martrenchar, Damien Saugeon

The Story :
Based on the play The Blue Bird, written in 1907 by Maurice Maeterlinck, the show follows the odyssey of two children, Tyltyl and Mytyl looking for the blue bird which promises to those who capture it the immediate and eternal happiness. The search of the Blue bird occurs as the children sleep, as a dream-travel, creating decisive experiments that transform the children despite themselves. All the places visited bring major revelations. Each sequence reverses the conventional wisdom: the truth always shows the exact opposite of appearances. The Blue Bird, meanwhile, remains elusive. When they think they have captured, it escapes, dies or changes of color. A final episode brings back the bluebird when they no longer expected, the next day in the children’s house. “We’ve gone so far and it was here,” they say when they wake up. So the children will discover how are their home, the life they lead, the true love of their parents… “You have to watch”: such is the lesson of The Blue Bird.

Favoring a contemporary approach, we have been interested in the philosophical matters the text to deal with in order to write our version of the Blue Bird play. The many variations that have been created, including the animated Russian Serguei Livanov, also inspired us.

By Collectif Quatre Ailes

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