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The heat of last summer

The time has passed quickly. I must renew this blog a bit. I hope your holiday went well !!
So what happened since last time…


I was in Korea with Company Quatre Ailes. We played “The Blue Bird” there. At first I’m a little anxious about Korea, because I heard that the policy regarding Japan was not good. But when I arrived, I felt there was no need to worry. People from Korea, they are very kind, serious and have a great heart. It really touched me. I noticed that you should not swallow everything the media says. Anyway it was a great experience.


The schedule was Daejeon, Busan and Seoul. As this tour was not far from Japan, I gathered all my strength as if I was playing in Japan. Since I speak neither English nor Korean, it was a little difficult for me at the beginning, as for every tourist. And I tried to follow the speaking “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, as I did in France for that matter. And gradually I got used to it… In addition, people are nice over there !! Thank you so much! Thanks to you!

Of course we visited in Korea when we had the time. But technicians did not have much time because of mounting and dismounting (thanks a lot to them!) But we visited together with a bus at the occasion of a day off !! I was very happy to have that chance !! It was very good memories… ♪


As the tour was close to Japan, I invited my mother to Seoul. It was not for a very long time, but I had a great memories with my family in Korea. Thank you so much for all the people who were there for this show. And many thanks to Michael of Collectif Quatre Ailes for giving me this opportunity !! And congratulations to all !!


After this tour, there was the creation with the Company Entre Fourchette about Hans Hartung and Anna-Eva Bergman with my friends Lecoq. We filmed at the end of creation for residence. I hope we can present it somewhere !! I cross my fingers !!


And I also worked together with Cyril and Irene. I love working with them ^^ Because we laugh all the time though. It was a clown in a mess event. I had fun. I hope we can have another chance to go on with the trio of clown. I would like to continue ^^


And since the end of May, we started creating the “Tristan and Iseult” with Company Ilios theater. I know Marie-therez, who is the head of this creation, for a long time. But it is the first time we’ve been doing a whole creation together. It’s nice !! We will play this piece the early 2015. It is our goal !! mmmmmm~ ♪

I also worked a few other things, representations, the event with Tewhoola Co., voice etc … Thanks so much to all the people I worked with !!


And then I had a new experience this year with Company Ensemble Oneiroi. She used me as a staging director. As I had no experience with this kind of music, I was a little tensed at first… But luckily I was not alone. Lena (my friend Lecoq) helped, and the 3 musicians too. It was a good creation.


The first week took place in a college, and the second week in a theater. I learned a lot of things with them… We had to find the balance between music, space and narrative… It was a great experience…


The creation wend on until the day of presentation! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate to the creation of September, it will be in October … But there are 3 good musicians and a nice comedian + good staging director (Lena), it will be great in October … I’m looking forward to rejoin this creation !! Anyway thanks to Lena, the musicians (Valentine, Myrrha, Melusine) who helped me too !! If you want to know mre about this creation, you can visit the site Company Ensemble Oneiroi or on the page “Métamorphos(é)es” on my website.

There was a lot of things! And I met new people and experience! In September, I attend a workshop of the company Philippe Genty. I might meet new people !! I am eager to begin !!