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The heat of last summer

The time has passed quickly. I must renew this blog a bit. I hope your holiday went well !!
So what happened since last time…


I was in Korea with Company Quatre Ailes. We played “The Blue Bird” there. At first I’m a little anxious about Korea, because I heard that the policy regarding Japan was not good. But when I arrived, I felt there was no need to worry. People from Korea, they are very kind, serious and have a great heart. It really touched me. I noticed that you should not swallow everything the media says. Anyway it was a great experience.


The schedule was Daejeon, Busan and Seoul. As this tour was not far from Japan, I gathered all my strength as if I was playing in Japan. Since I speak neither English nor Korean, it was a little difficult for me at the beginning, as for every tourist. And I tried to follow the speaking “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, as I did in France for that matter. And gradually I got used to it… In addition, people are nice over there !! Thank you so much! Thanks to you!

Of course we visited in Korea when we had the time. But technicians did not have much time because of mounting and dismounting (thanks a lot to them!) But we visited together with a bus at the occasion of a day off !! I was very happy to have that chance !! It was very good memories… ♪


As the tour was close to Japan, I invited my mother to Seoul. It was not for a very long time, but I had a great memories with my family in Korea. Thank you so much for all the people who were there for this show. And many thanks to Michael of Collectif Quatre Ailes for giving me this opportunity !! And congratulations to all !!


After this tour, there was the creation with the Company Entre Fourchette about Hans Hartung and Anna-Eva Bergman with my friends Lecoq. We filmed at the end of creation for residence. I hope we can present it somewhere !! I cross my fingers !!


And I also worked together with Cyril and Irene. I love working with them ^^ Because we laugh all the time though. It was a clown in a mess event. I had fun. I hope we can have another chance to go on with the trio of clown. I would like to continue ^^


And since the end of May, we started creating the “Tristan and Iseult” with Company Ilios theater. I know Marie-therez, who is the head of this creation, for a long time. But it is the first time we’ve been doing a whole creation together. It’s nice !! We will play this piece the early 2015. It is our goal !! mmmmmm~ ♪

I also worked a few other things, representations, the event with Tewhoola Co., voice etc … Thanks so much to all the people I worked with !!


And then I had a new experience this year with Company Ensemble Oneiroi. She used me as a staging director. As I had no experience with this kind of music, I was a little tensed at first… But luckily I was not alone. Lena (my friend Lecoq) helped, and the 3 musicians too. It was a good creation.


The first week took place in a college, and the second week in a theater. I learned a lot of things with them… We had to find the balance between music, space and narrative… It was a great experience…


The creation wend on until the day of presentation! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate to the creation of September, it will be in October … But there are 3 good musicians and a nice comedian + good staging director (Lena), it will be great in October … I’m looking forward to rejoin this creation !! Anyway thanks to Lena, the musicians (Valentine, Myrrha, Melusine) who helped me too !! If you want to know mre about this creation, you can visit the site Company Ensemble Oneiroi or on the page “Métamorphos(é)es” on my website.

There was a lot of things! And I met new people and experience! In September, I attend a workshop of the company Philippe Genty. I might meet new people !! I am eager to begin !!

Spring !

桜a photo from 2009

Now in Japan, it is the season of cherry blossom. I remember when I returned to Japan in 2009, there were cherry blossoming trees throughout the city. I miss it a little. But fortunately there is a lot of flowers in the park near my home. I might enjoy this spring !


This month too , there was a lot of meetings! First of all, I was a background actor in a movie around Val d’Europe. Of course, the role was a Japanese tourists. Hahaha ! It’s very funny and I like to play Japanese tourists. I could feel the image of Japanese over the world: a camera, and some expressions like “Kawaii – ! ” ( Cute) , ” Arigato ” ( Thank you ) , ” Sugoi – ! ” (Super) . I’d like to take the time to observe Japanese tourists one day. I think there is a lot of interesting things I could discover from them !

Another thing I like about this job is the occasion to meet other Japanese people. Right now I have much more French friends than Japanese, so I ‘ve always enjoyed this kind of occasion. Besides, this time we were only 5 extras, so we had time to get to know each other. It was great ! And of course I could also learn things about the movie at the same time . This is good too.


We played the show “The Blue Bird” at Les Herbiers. It is not very far from here, and near the historic park of Puy du Fou, which is very famous in France. The taxi driver told us many stories about this park. It made me want to go there one day. I especially like to see the biggest show in the world!


I found a photo of the show on the Internet, were they spoke about 1200 actors! Wow! It’s only the weekend from June to September. I don’t know if I can go this year, but I would like to go there to see the historical show. I like the idea of having this fun and learning history at the same time!


Unfortunately, I did not have time to visit the large park, but I walked a little in the town of Les Herbiers. I found that the city was very nice and the people very friendly! And the restaurants were good too! I stayed only two days, but I experienced everything I could!


The theater was also very beautiful! It was the last performance of “The Blue Bird” for the 2014 season in France. I played with a lot of love and gratefulness in this last show! I hope we can continue to play this show the next season!


But it’s not finished! We will start a tour in Korea with this show! This is the first time I’ll be in South Korea. It will be a great experience. I am excited to begin this adventure! I hope we can also play in Japan one day … This is my dream ^ ^ (The tour program in Korea)

2014 - 1

In mid-April, I participate to a shooting session of the movie “The Prince and 108 demons” (more about the movie here). I saw a teaser of this film. It was great! It made me want to see the real movie! It will take time to get it out. But the staff worked a lot and very well on it. It will be a good and beautiful film. I’m looking forward to watch it!

mPhoto from Gilles Dantzer

I also attended a mime event “Mim’provisation“. I always love to participate to this event, because I discover a world of possibilities with mime every time. There is fun to play, to search, and the public can also enjoy and participate in this research. I hope I can go many times!


I work as a replacement for the puppet and dance show “Pensée de Sel” with the company Herve-Gil. I really wanted to do this show so I could learn more about puppets. I try to train by myself before the repetitions, because I’m afraid of not being good enough.


When the repetition began, it was great! I was provided with advices from two great puppeteers, and learned many things from them. I had a great experience. I also found a goal: I’ll try to develop more about puppets. But first I need to make my own puppet.


At the end of the month, I worked with the company Tehwoola on a performance in the Musée des Arts Forains. The company is like a circus family. I worked with them quite a few times last year for the Christmas season, and learned stilts with them. Those are good memories…

This time, I presented two small mime show during the performance. It went well. There was a lot of beautiful things in this show. Thank you again! I had fun working!

After this… The tour in Korea will begin! Go Go Hanako!

In March… Part 2

In March, there was a festival called “Version Clip” at the Espace Bertin Poirée in Paris. This festival included many dance related show, but also mime, puppet, singing, clown… I think this kind of festival is very important for the creators…

Fiche 8

I played in a 12 min object theater show. The name was “Kami-yo”. I worked on it with Yasuyo, of company tremplin21, who was my senior at the mime company in Japan. We began the creation in february, but changed almost completely the form during the rehearsal in march for this festival.

14:03:2014 Kamiyo1

We played the show in the exhibition space. It was a good experiences !  Thanks to Yasuyo and the festival !


By the end of March, we also filmed a new creation with the team building Lecoq. We worked a lot on costumes and decorations before filming. And also we could count on the support of great videographers “Anaïs Hunebelle” and “James Coote”! It’s was very good time! I am delighted to see the video !

These is the creation teams. We all gratuated from Lecoq theater school the same year. They are great friends in my artist life! I hope we can preserve this great relationship until we get old! hahaha! Thanks to my team!

23:03:2014 Wadaiko

And at the end of March, I participated to a presentation of wadaiko, the Japanese drum! In fact I started the Japanese drum with my husband as a couple activity. But I stopped because of the theater school. Now, his level is much higher than me… He also play concerts with the team… I’ll try to work more from now! I hope I can catch up with him.

Well, there was a lot of activities in March. But these experiments have been really good for me !

Thank you very much, all !!

In March… Part 1

I worked on different projects in March !!


I played “The Blue Bird” in the theater Gérard Philippe at the beginning of March. I was very tensed, because we hadn’t played this show for 3 months ! Besides, the last time I played I injured my heel with a another show, and the other company members were a little concerned. So this time, I wanted to give all my good energy in the show !!


The theater Gérard Philippe is in the suburb of Paris. It was a big theater ! I couldn’t imagine it was so big when I saw the outside. It was good news for this show ! We’re always happy to play on a big scene !


For the first time, we used a wireless microphone on the stage. It was a little difficult at first., though this show was good. But maybe I just need to study the technique. We will use a wireless microphone again on the tour in South Korea in May 2014. It was a good thing to experience such device before the tour.


After the “The Blue Bird“, I worked on a new performance, “A laboratory of the future”, with the same company Collectif Quatre Ailes, in Arpajon ! It was a story of 4 clones (as in the photo).


We played this show at the occasion on the “Salon du livre de jeunesse” event. They exposed many interesting things about the future. Painting, costume, architecture design, etc…


This was our laboratory for this time !! It was very simple ! Simple is best !


This space was very popular to the children. It was a place for the research in sugar ! Hahaha !


We also used green screen with the video. I had a lot of fun with the public in this space.

I loved this show ! I think the future is a good theme ! I hope that we will play this show again !! Anyway, I was happy to participate on this performance !!

To be continued…

The show of “The Blue Bird” in the Gérard Philippe theater

We play the show of “The Blue Bird” in the Gérard Philippe theater. If you have the time, please come !

The Blue Bird

Collectif Quatre Ailes
The running time for the show : 60 min

Photos by sitewebe of collectif Quatre Ailes

At 10am and 2pm on the thursday 6th Mach
Théâtre Gérard Philippe : Rue Gérard-Philipe 78210 Saint-Cyr-l’École, France
Price : 4 €
Official webesite

→  Video of the show

Action !

Wow ! We are already in February. Time passes too quickly !! I worked with stilt in some events in December with the company Tewhoola, and also played in the show “the blue bird” with the Collectif Quatre Ailes. And after the new year, I didn’t have much activity, was quiet at home. So I will to tell some news…

In Japan, 2014 is the year of the horse. Maybe in China too ? “I was born on a year of the horse ! It’s my year !! Il will to try gallop like a horse this year !! ” I thought so back in the end of last year. But in the new year, a thief tried to stole my phone in a train after my job. Fortunately, I griped it strongly, and the thief failed… This wasn’t a good start for this year, but I thought of it as a warning. Because I got several slight injuries last year, and thinking of it, I have still feel some pain in my heel. I don’t need to gallop like a horse, but rather to control my body for my health. Ok ! My goal for this year is to keep in good health until the end of the year ! No injury !” . Did you have a good new year ?

Lecoq(My friends of Jacques Lecoq theater school)

The training of Lecoq still goes on. It started last October with my friends (we graduated from the Jacques Lecoq theater school in June 2013 ). We wanted to preserve the energy of creation and use what we learn back in school. We don’t have any teacher. Every week, 2 persons take the responsibility of the training, deciding what we’ll do. So every week, we work on a new subject. It’s very interesting !! I hope it will go on a long time…

I will work on a creation with two of my friends of Lecoq. The first creation will begin around mid-February. This is first creation of a Lecoq group for me since the school. Another creation will begin around May / June. I’m eager to start working with my friends.


I want to continue my news (because I haven’t posted for a long time…hahaha…)

I began another creation of object theater with a japanese friend mid-January. It was very very interesting !! We did a lot of work about space, voice, light, object… Sometimes, we’re like maniacs, like a researcher… I love so much ! We will make a little show of this (15 min) and present it in a festival in March, in Paris. I will provide the details when I get more informations !! On this photo, I have a light on my head. Maybe we’ll use this in the show… Maybe… Coming soon….!!


Now, I am a long way from Paris, on holiday at my mother-in-law’s house. I’m refueling in the nature for the creations…I run, do some weight training…


The night, I’m training myself at the manipulation of puppet, lent by my friend. I wanted to study the puppet for very long time. Recently, I participated in a puppeteer casting, and thought : “This is the occasion to study a technique of puppets ! I will try this casting ! I motivate myself for study when I have a goal. Even If I don’t pass this casting, I’d still have learnt something ! ” So I am in a big challenge ! Good luck !!

From the mid-January, I run at fuel-speed. Hope it will last until the end of the year !

Happy New Year 2014 !


Merry Christmas !


What’s coming!


I’ll play in the show “The Blue Bird” with the company Collectif Quatre Ailes. It will be presented near Paris this Saturday ! I am very happy to get back to my role Mytyl… And of course, to see my family of “The Blue Bird”! If you have the time, come see us and discover the world of the company Collectif Quatre Ailes…

The Blue Bird

Saturday 21th, 6pm
Théâtre de Fresnes – Grange Dîmière : 41 rue Maurice Ténine 94260 Fresnes, France
Price : 6.50 €
Official website



I am also announcing a beautiful movie by Pascal Morelli I participated to! The release is schedule in October 2014! It was a great team to work with! Take a look to the videos!

Prince and 108 demons

A film by Pascal Morelli

Screenlpay by Pascal Morelli and Jean Pêcheux
Based on Water Margin (Shui hu-zhuan)
Produced by Same PlayerBidibul ProductionsScope Pictures, Fundamental
Distributed by Gébéka
International by Europacorp
With the assistance of France 3

China empire, twelfth century.
Demon kings terrorize the country. To defeat these monsters, one should have the courage of one hundred tigers, the strength of a thousand buffalo, be cunning as many snakes… and have been born under a lucky star.
The young prince Duan has its romantic illusions and overweight.
Zhang-le-Perfect has his monk stick and a whole bunch of incomprehensible proverbs.
The little beggar Pei Pei has his patter and appetite.
But above all, Prince Duan, the old monk and the little beggar did not know it was impossible to defeat the Demon kings.
So they did!

Theatrical release in France, Luxembourg and Belgium scheduled for October 2014

– Le Prince et les 108 démons: teaser VF

– Le Prince et les 108 démons: making off

– For more details…


The winter has begun. I find winter is a little hard to keep my courage. I stay at home very easily. To avoid this, I try keep up with some artistic activities (dance, singing, music…)


For the music activity, I resumed the Japanese drum class with the group “Wadaiko MAKOTO”. I suspended this class for two years to focus on my drama school (Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq). At first, I started the class with my husband to have an activity together. But the fact is that only he continued while I went to drama school. Obviously, he now has better level than me. Okay, but I now have a goal just around me. I’ll try to catch up! ヽ(。>д<)p


Another news, I started working with stilts, with Tewhoola Company ! I met my friends of the company 9 years ago when I was at the circus school… It’s been a long time no see. But when I called them, they welcomed me very kindly to try stilt. I was touch by their welcome.

At first time, I was worried about my technical level, because I haven’t trained for a very long time, since I came to France… So almost for 10 years. Hahahahaha … But I did not need to worry. Because my friends gave me good advices, and they took their time for me. I’ll try to come up with their expectations. Thank again to the Tewhoola Company!


At the same time, I want to relax my body and my heart… When I’m like that, I try to eat the food I love ! The last time, it was the oysters ! I ate 12 oysters alone. Mmmmmm. It was a luxury time for me (now is the period for oysters ! ). And I got courage again, thanks to those oysters !! It is very important that I allow myself a reward occasionally. Hahahahaha. In fact I am very greedy ヾ(´ω`)ノ